Resources in Response to COVID-19

Housing Cost


The current Housing Wage in New Hampshire

Source: Out of Reach 2020 Report, National Low Income Housing Coalition


The number of new affordable homes necessary to address the economic needs of the state

Source: 2019 Housing Market Reports, NH Housing Finance Authority

>2% Vacancy

New Hampshire lacks enough rental housing

Source: 2020 Residential Rental Costs Survey, NH Housing Finance Authority

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It includes:

✅ CDC eviction moratorium extended through Jan 31!

✅ $25 BILLION in emergency rental assistance!

✅ Extended deadline for spending CRF rental assistance $!


Let’s get it enacted ASAP!

Sign up today for the 2020 BIA Forum on Workforce Housing #nhpolitics

On Green Street, high ceilings and low rent for the formerly homeless #nhpolitics

Sign up today for the 2020 BIA Forum on Workforce Housing #nhpolitics

Our Housing Relief Fund, which was designed to keep people from losing their housing and to secure or maintain permanent housing, remains open. Households unable to pay rent due to COVID related issues are eligible for these funds. Visit to learn more.

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