Housing Cost


The current Housing Wage in New Hampshire


The number of new affordable homes necessary to address the economic needs of the state

0.6% Vacancy

New Hampshire lacks enough rental housing

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“While this additional funding is a Band-Aid to a larger problem it will be a much-needed boost to keep our existing programs open and running and prevent any dialing back of services which could be devastating to our communities.” Rep @LauraTelerski

Great to see the approval of $2.5M for emergency shelters, supporting my bill. This funding is crucial to keeping our shelters open year-round. However, it's just a start. We must tackle the root causes of homelessness in NH. Let's work together for lasting solutions. #NHPolitics

"The sinking of the HOMEnibus bill comes at a time when rents are soaring and the median home price in NH has reached $515,000...the defeat of SB 538 is a head-scratcher." -@Keene_Sentinel editorial #NHPolitics #NHHousing

One month after reaching an historic median price of $500,000 for a single-family home in New Hampshire, the price jumped to a record high yet again — to $515,000 in April.

Our annual Residential Rental Cost Survey closes on Friday. If you own or manage residential rental properties in NH, please take our survey. To participate, visit https://hubs.ly/Q02w30j80

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