Housing Cost


The current Housing Wage in New Hampshire


The number of new affordable homes necessary to address the economic needs of the state

0.6% Vacancy

New Hampshire lacks enough rental housing

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Across NH, about 1 in 5 people are above age 65, and the population is growing older. With rents soaring and housing in short supply, seniors with limited incomes face a particular challenge: finding an apartment that’s safe, affordable and aging-ready.

Extremely proud to announce that last night the Mayor’s Housing Taskforce voted unanimously to allow for detached ADUs in Somersworth! This change still needs to make its way thru the City Council, but this is still a huge step forward for our small city!


“We continue to warn New Hampshire officials and law enforcement that efforts to criminalize the unhoused may still violate the New Hampshire Constitution." In wake of Supreme Court homelessness decision, advocates say fight not over. From @edewittnh

In New Hampshire, a homeless person has the right to register to vote in the town or ward they spend most of their time. More info can be found in RSA 654:1 #ElectionFact

According to the latest Granite State Poll, 36% of participants believe housing is the state's most pressing issue. #NewHampshire #GraniteStatePoll 🏡🔍

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