Resources in Response to COVID-19

Housing Cost


The current Housing Wage in New Hampshire

Source: 2019 Out of Reach Report, National Low Income Housing Coalition


The number of new affordable homes necessary to address the economic needs of the state

Source: 2019 Housing Market Reports, NH Housing Finance Authority

>1% Vacancy

New Hampshire lacks enough rental housing

Source: 2019 Residential Rental Costs Survey, NH Housing Finance Authority

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Shelters filled to capacity across the state pose health risk to homeless #nhpolitics #COVID19

A Plea: A Statewide Temporary Shelter Plan for NH’s Homeless #nhpolitics #COVID19

Thank you to @NLIHC for this breakdown of what is in Coronavirus response package for housing programs. #nhpolitics #covid19

🚨Final deal!

✅ $4 billion in Emergency Solutions Grants to assist homeless shelters and outreach workers keep people who are homeless safer from coronavirus.

✅ $5B in CDBG, can be used for rental assistance

✅ Public Housing: $685M


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