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Fair Housing Bill Dies in Conference

As reported in our May News & Legislative Update, House Bill 1409 to end discriminatory rental practices against voucher holders and victims of domestic violence was amended in the Senate to instead create a Study Commission. The House did not concur with the Senate’s amended version of the bill, and requested a Committee of Conference to try finding common ground between the House and Senate versions.

The House and Senate appointed conferees, who met May 28 . Unfortunately, they were unable to reach agreement on the final bill language. As a result, HB1409 died in conference.

The Concord Monitor and NH Business Review report more details:

Senators to vote on study of housing fairness

In a 4-2 decision by Senate Judiciary last week, HB 1409 was recommended Ought to Pass as Amended and the bill now proposes a study commission to further examine housing discrimination against individuals who receive federal housing assistance or who have been victims of domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault. As proposed, the commission would report out findings by Nov. 1, 2014. Senate votes May 15.

Housing Opportunity Bill in Senate Judiciary

Senators Carson, Lasky, Boutin, Soucy and Cataldo, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, will soon decide how they will recommend House Bill 1409 to their colleagues when the bill is put to vote on the Senate floor. HB 1409 is a bill to prohibit discrimination against rental assistance voucher-holders and domestic violence survivors.

Housing Action NH asks for help from members and allies in reaching out to these Senators this week to urge them to recommend passage of the bill.

Our alert is posted here, and includes more background and contact info for these Senators.

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Fair Housing in NH Progresses

HB 1409, sponsored by Representative Long, would improve the state policy landscape in NH by ending discriminatory rental practices against people with Section 8 vouchers and victims of domestic violence. HB 1409 was amended and passed the House by a slim but bipartisan 147-141 vote, and now heads to the Senate. The official state Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing has found that discriminatory practices against voucher holders and victims of domestic violence challenge fair housing in New Hampshire. HB 1409 would expand NH’s anti-discrimination statute to address the issue.