Thank you so much for this kind recognition. I am honored, and regret that I was unable to join you today. 
My role at the Charitable Foundation affords me opportunities to facilitate the wonderful work of others – that of HANH’s extraordinary staff, its Governing Council, and its members.  It is you who are the exceptional housing leaders and advocates….
My colleagues and I are proud that the Foundation and our donors have long supported your important work, and that we were able to help in new ways during the pandemic.  We care deeply about policy achievements that make housing more accessible and affordable, and that ensure essential supports and services for those who are unsheltered. 
I have done my best to ask questions and to listen to the experts – you here today – who offer strategic guidance about how our funding and/or our voice might matter most.  
Please keep that valuable guidance coming. 
Thank you again for this honor. But especially thank you for the remarkable work that you all do.  It is a privilege to work in partnership with you.