National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day 2013 events took place at year’s end in Nashua, Portsmouth, Concord, Manchester, Newport, Laconia, Keene and Peterborough. These events allow us to remember our homeless neighbors and remind us why we advocate for more affordable housing and services to prevent and end homelessness.

Twenty-nine people were remembered at the 2013 events:

Virgil B., Frank C., Noah C., Diana D., Obie Davis, William D. Dryden, Nicole Foster, Walter Scott Ingram III, Barbara Harrington, John Harrington, Craig “Wolfie” L., Stephen L., Shanna Lariviere, Mark Lufkin, Mark M., Rick O., John P., Roger Plourde, Christine R., Ray Rheault, Ramon S., Stephen S., Todd S., Michael R. Thomas, Paul Tinkham, John Tonkin, William V., Deborah W., Donna Whittington