New Hampshire was one of the first states in the country to pass an Accessory Dwelling Unit law in 2016. Since then, some communities have passed helpful local ordinances. However, other NH municipalities have used loopholes in the law to block homeowners from adding accessory dwelling units to their property.

House Bill 1291 would close those loopholes and help support this housing option for many Granite Staters. While HB 1291 garnered strong, bipartisan support in the House, it has faced opposition in the NH Senate. 

Housing advocates – please call your Senator before the Senate floor vote this Wednesday and ask them to support the ADU housing solution with their support for HB 1291.


Housing Action NH


  • Creating an ADU Option for All Granite Staters
    • The law passed in 2016 was intended to improve the property rights of New Hampshire homeowners who were interested in adding an accessory dwelling unit to their property.
      • While some municipalities have passed helpful ADUs, others have created additional barriers.
        • HB 1291 levels the playing field for all homeowners.
  • Enables Reasonable Municipal Regulation
    • The bill as passed by the House still allows for reasonable regulation of health and safety.
      • Enables parking requirements of up to 1 space per ADU.
      • Enables lot coverage standards.
      • Enables bedroom occupancy regulation.
      • Enables reasonable aesthetic standards.
      • Requires homeowners to have an approved sewage disposal system in accordance with RSA 485-A.
  • Aligns with New Hampshire’s Rural Character
    • Detached ADUs will open up opportunities for barn conversions.
      • Options for aging homeowners who may want to house caregivers on their property.
      • A critical option for parents for adult children with disabilities who are struggling to find housing options.